Gore won’t be on Michigan ballot. Crap!

October 24, 2007

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Just saw this….

Gore supporters fall short in effort to put him on Michigan ballot

now I’m starting to get worried….. here’s more:

LANSING, Mich. (AP) – Efforts to collect enough signatures to put Al Gore on Michigan’s January 15th Democratic presidential primary ballot have fallen short.
Supporters needed to collect more than 12,000 valid signatures by today, but collected only around 3,000.
Michigan Draft Gore co-chairman Bob Alexander says the group collected only about a fifth of the money it needed to mount a full-time petition drive.
Gore won Michigan in his unsuccessful 2000 presidential bid, but so far has not said he’ll run again for the White House.
He still could get on the January 15th ballot as a write-in candidate if he files with the Michigan secretary of state’s office by January 4. But his name will not appear on the regular primary ballot.

I don’t understand what Mr. Gore is doing. In 2003, he made it very clear to the Draft Gore movement that he wanted them to stop their efforts. He hasn’t done that this time; when asked directly, he has refused to tell us to cease and desist.

But we’re getting closer to the moment where it’s do or die for a possible Gore campaign. As has been diaried elsewhere, DFA is asking Gore to either get in or get out. I voted for Gore in their poll, and I still am hoping he gets in, but at some point, whether he says anything to the contrary or not, it’s going to be over. The question for me is, when is that point?

Does anyone here have any knowledge that would give us hope? Any inkling of anything? Please?

Update: The other major candidates besides HRC are not on the ballot either…..