Not All is Well in Whoville

December 19, 2006

With a very interesting debate going on a few posts down here I thought some outside perspective on other Democrats feelings about the 110th congress were in order.

This article from Harpers is very interesting about one writer’s take on our new leaders. Thanks to Crooks and Liars for the link.

While the author makes some very interesting points, i can’t help but think that he is exactly the kind of Cindy-Sheehan Democrats we don’t want running party strategy or party policy. While i share his opposition to the McCain/Lieberman War, he seems to be a single-issue voter with blinders on. We criticize Republican voters who only vote based on abortion, why do we not hold the same standard. To think that the majority of the candidates Rahm Emmanuel put forward are “stay-the-course” Democrats is ridiculous. With the gerrymandering Republicans did after the 2000 Census, it is unbelievable that the Democrats seized some 33 seats. Emmanuel does not need to be vilified for winning seats. Tammy Duckworth is an inspirational story (with more war experience than the writer or myself) so to criticize that selection is ludacris. Of course Peter Welch was the only extreme-anti-war candidate to win decisively…He’s from Vermont replacing Bernie Sanders a Socialist. Even the Republican in that race ran to the left.

While the author is correct in saying (as we’ve been saying) that the ball is in the Democrats court…his belief that nothing willl get done in Iraq is off-base, and he needs to be realistic about the representatives we now have.