Remember this guy?

January 30, 2007

scooter the muppet

The media has been back-paging a lot of this story, but I get the feeling it’s about to explode. Yesterday, Ari Fleischer revealed that he was involved (although he says accidentally) in outing Valerie Plame to multiple press people:

Fleischer also testified that while on a White House trip to Uganda on July 11, 2003, on the side of the road, he told NBC’s David Gregory and Time magazine’s John Dickerson, “If you want to know who sent ambassador Wilson to Niger, it was his wife, she works there” at the CIA.

He added “[Never] in my wildest dreams would I have thought that information was classified.”

Today, we’ll hear from the un-esteemed Judith Miller of Ahmed Chalabi fame.


On June 23, 2003 at a meeting with Libby in his office at the Old Executive Office Building, Libby, according to prosecutors, talked to Miller about press coverage dealing with pre-war intelligence about Iraq. Libby, according to the government, complained to Miller that he thought the CIA was leaking to the press unfairly, putting the White House on the defensive.

This story is about to explode. I only wish the muppet was on trial for outing Plame, not just for lying about it.