Is it time to support candidate 1a)?

February 20, 2007


Bad news if you’ve been playing in the ProgressiveIntelligencia fantasy politician league. The consensus number one pick in our draft has announced he has no interest in campaigning for the Presidency. Al Gore will not run in 2008 despite previous conjecture that he would make a BIG announcement come Oscar time. He says now

“I can’t imagine in any circumstance to run for office again…I’m involved in a different kind of campaign.”

This is quite disheartening for those of us who were pushing Gore-Obama 08, so now the question must be where do we turn from here. Is it Obama? Is it Hillary? (I still like Richardson!) anoodle has just posted about the poor cast of characters running on the GOP side and I agree, but if they run an under the radar candidate like Huckabee the candidate on our side needs to be strong.

Bob Cesca writing at the Huffington Post posts a plea for Al Gore to stay in. It’s a worthwhile read (even if he downplays Iraq too much).

Sure it’s a dirty job, but for Gore to withhold his voice from the race would be to forgo what appears to be his era of convergence. His time. And for us, without Gore leading the free world, we face the potential for a continued path of ignorance — a dark ride through an alternate reality in which global warming and the survival of humanity as we know it is allowed to slip beyond the zero barrier.

We can all hope that Gore reconsiders his decision, but until that shining day, we’re going to have look elsewhere my friends.


Will an Oscar lead to another campaign?

January 23, 2007


There have been theories circulating in the main stream media as well as in the blogosphere that Al Gore is slowing ramping up to a 2008 campaign. The theory goes like this:

Gore disavows any interest in running in 2008, says he’s focused on a larger campaign to change minds and refocus the world on the threat of global warming. He releases An Inconvenient Truth to rave reviews. The movie is a blockbuster hit, increasing Al Gore’s exposure, and providing him with a platform to speak passionately about an issue that is dear to his heart. Gradually, the movie gains box office share, and at the same time garners Oscar consideration. The movie wins an Oscar nomination. The popularity of the movie and of Al Gore himself continues to increase as the oscar buzz builds. An Inconvenient Truth picks up the Oscar. Right about the same time, Gore’s new book “An Assault on Reason” hits the shelves.

Meanwhile, the 8-10 democratic candidates are all trampling over each other trying to gather support and busily raising money. None of the candidates galvanizes the blogosphere like Dean did in 2004. Hillary builds what looks like an insurmountable lead in fundraising, and before 2007 closes, most of the other candidates are falling out of the race. Obama has a couple of costly gaffes leading people to question whether or not he has the experience to run a general election campaign against the right-wing message machine. Hillary’s win looks like a sure thing in the spring-summer of 2007.

Al Gore takes a long hard look at the field, and has a change of heart. He announces his candidacy for the presidency after using the movie and the book as catapults to ridiculous main stream media and blogosphere attention. He decides that he’s done all he can do with his movie, but this effort requires more than just slideshows, it requires the bully pulpit of the presidency.

Immediately thereafter, many of ex-candidates operatives join his new fledgling campaign. Gore starts an internet based campaign that makes Howard Dean look like an old commodore 64. He raises over 100 million dollars in just 2 months on the internet alone……

The race boils down to Clinton vs Gore in a clash of the titans…..

UPDATED 5:30 pm
Gore said to be thrilled about his documentary being nominated. The whole story, courtesy of MSNBC, is here. One little quote from the Vice-President himself:

“The film … has brought awareness of the climate crisis to people in the United States and all over the world,” Gore said in an e-mail statement. “I am so grateful to the entire team and pleased that the Academy has recognized their work. This film proves that movies really can make a difference.”

And it looks like he will attend the awards:

Aides say the former vice president plans to walk the red carpet with Hollywood’s beautiful people at the Academy Awards ceremony next month.

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