About Progressive Intelligencia

Progressive Intelligencia was formed in December 2006. We seek opinions and comments from individuals looking to both discuss and to help shape the policies and politics of a modern progressive movement.


4 Responses to About Progressive Intelligencia

  1. avahome says:

    You have a great new blog here……….!!!!!!! This morning there is an diary on dKos….I started hunting around on the net and your site popped. I posted a link to it in my comments…… Sorry to babble here but if you want to know the diary…….it’s here:


    Quite a discussion via academic freedom on the rocks! And the Keith Olberman piece fit in like a glove………..

    Also, if you get a chance come on over and give us a look see at


    nothing wrong with a little cross-posting!!!!!! I’ll be back!


    Gles Marsh (avahome)

  2. N.Savage says:

    Be current. Have dates ie 8/16/07

  3. Ancell says:

    GAYYYY!!!!! The only reason i’m on this site is cause my teacher is making me do a speech on the russian intelligensia and i misspelled it. discuss something more interesting!!!!!

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