Ambivalent? Am I the only one?

I wonder if there are others here who feel like I do about 2008. I want a Democrat to win the White House more than just about anything right now in my life. I want it even more than I wanted it in 2000 or 2004, more than I wanted us to take back the Congress in 2006. My problem is, I don’t love any of our candidates…..

I wonder if there are others here who feel like I do about 2008. I want a Democrat to win the White House more than just about anything right now in my life. I want it even more than I wanted it in 2000 or 2004, more than I wanted us to take back the Congress in 2006. My problem is, I don’t love any of our candidates…..

Don’t get me wrong. I would be thrilled if Obama beat whoever the Republicans throw at us. I’d be ecstatic if Edwards blew out Giuliani next November. I’d be thrilled if Hillary toppled the Right Wing machine.

But I don’t have the fire for any of three yet. I just don’t feel it. I don’t feel it like I did in 2000 for Gore, or in 2004 at this point for Dean. (I came around to Kerry, but Dean was where my passion was).

I worry too much about Obama, Edwards, and Hillary. Obama’s passion inspires me, but can he stand the onslaught that Rove et al would unleash? Will the media like tearing him down as much as they built him up? I admire the work Edwards has done these last 3 years, but do I completely trust him? Are the positions he holds politically convenient or true in his heart? Hillary would represent something historic, but her turn from liberalism towards centrism and “strength” really rubs me the wrong way. Do we want more triangulation, or do we want someone who will stand up and say, “This is what I believe. Whether you agree with me or not, at least you know where I stand.”

I’m not looking for diatribes from the respective camps for each candidate. That’s not my point. My point is to find out if there are others here who feel as I do.

I wake up every day and check the web to see if there are any Gore inklings. I pray every night that Gore decides to get into the race. He is someone I would have passion for. I would be volunteering for him now. I would be donating now. I would be passionate now.

The others, I’m not so sure about. I will fight like hell once one of them grabs the nomination, should Gore not get in. But I just don’t feel it for them yet….

Please Al, Please Run!!!

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3 Responses to Ambivalent? Am I the only one?

  1. askewed says:

    I am coming at your question from the unique position of having been a registered voting republican. If I was still in that camp I’d be thrilled right now for a few reasons.

    I’m going to be blunt because it’s late and I’m tired, so get ready. The democrats can’t win without swaying some republicans and vice-versa. Our best hope is either a woman, a black muslim or the guy with Kerry stink on him. NONE of them are going to sway enough votes. The people running this site know I’m no racist nor sexist but holy hell can we stop tempting fate and just take the f***ing White House already? They will put up a white guy in his 50’s and they’ll win. It doesn’t make a bit of difference what his message is. Because the real message is going to be, vote for me or you’re going to get a broad or a ni****. And while I don’t feel that way more then enough people in this country do.

    Mother ******* Gore had to tap Lieberman in 2000. I mean has he never been below Delaware or west of Philadelphia? A jewish man from the north was not the way to go for VP… And no one learns.

    I can better make my point by telling you a story about a vegetarian swinger. My wife and I are at a child’s birthday party this weekend with our kids. A parent comes to pick up their son and we are immediately whisked to a corner to be informed that she and her husband swing. A fact that we could not possible care less about. Later in the evening when the kids cleared out, ‘the swingers’ came back up in conversation. When a voice from the corner says, “I’m not surprised… after all she’s a vegetarian”. They must not have seen the incredulous look on my face as that may have stopped the 10 or so other adults that grimaced and nodded in agreement. One even said, “oh, I didn’t know”. So there you have it. My wife and I are working as hard as we can to live in a nice place, to surround ourselves with forward-thinking people and it turns out that all we’ve actually done is found people who make snap judgments about others with little or no information and believe that all vegetarians are swingers. I’m telling you that I live in a rather nice part of central NJ and if I can’t find thinking people here what luck do you think a black guy named Barack Obama is going to have in Arkansas or a woman (that was married to that blow job guy) will have in Montana?

    We need a slam dunk! A winner. Put a guy up there that looks the part and says the right stuff. We need Gore. Gore runs, Gore wins (if he doesn’t find a way to alienate himself form the rest of the country). The rest of them don’t have a chance in hell. We are the only ones that think they do, the rest of the voting country thinks mother ******* vegetarians are all swingers.

    If I was still a Republican I’d be sitting back and smiling like I knew something you democrats didn’t. Here the truth. Most people are scared of people that are different then they are. They’re mostly under-education, under-informed and lack the life experiences to show them a different way. You want further examples? My neighbor that appears to be a good guy stopped talking to me for over a month when he found out our babysitter was a lesbian. My son’s first grade teacher taught his class that the prope word to use to describe a black person was not African-American or even black but “colored”. More nauseating it that we appeared to be they only parents that minded that. Not everyone is giving the same thought to this life as you and I and sadly even if they did they’d most likely still come up with the wrong answer.

    So if you want to win, get a guy that looks like the president and avoid a running mate that can’t get votes outside of Martha’s Vineyard. Stop knowing you’re right and start realizing your outnumbered.

    Because the democrats are eating each other alive to get the nomination while the base watches and analyzes and live and dies with each agonizing moment. But the rest of the country isn’t watching, they don’t care because we are the party of baby-killers, faggots and ni**** lovers and they now we’re wrong. You know how you can tell if you’re too liberal? You think that’s not a true statement…

    It’s time to get our heads out of our asses and get in the game with the republicans. Because they are good at this and we aren’t. The things we are good at don’t seem to win presidential elections. You can point to 2006 if you want but it’s not the same as 08’. When push really comes to shove, unless we put someone up there they aren’t scared of, fear will win.

    Oh and I agree with the OP…

  2. anoodle says:

    Lots of good points. I think the challenge for the progressively minded is to dare to dream, but to be realistic about it. The idea of seeing a woman or an african-american in the white house is awesome to me. I’d love for my kids, by the time they can vote, to not have to even think about whether or not someone’s race or sex will be a factor. Maybe that’s unrealistic, but it’s optimism that keeps us going.

    That being said, I think this cycle is just too important to risk. I have lots of hesitations about Obama and Hillary and (Edwards for that matter). I have hesitations about their ability to truly lead, but mostly about their ability to win.

    I want a slam dunk. I want 30 states. I want 300+ electoral votes. I want this cockamamie red vs blue narrative to go away. I want someone who’s just going to crush the GOP. I realize we haven’t seen a democrat do that in 40 years, but I honestly think Gore in a general election can do that.

    Look at the so-called battleground states, and find me a candidate who would do better. Ohio, Florida, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Arkansas, Tennessee? Imagine Gore vs. Giuliani in Colorado or Ohio? Please. I think we’d have a shot to win some southern states.

    Maybe Edwards could do it, but he was so weak-sauce as VP last time around, I worry about his ability to play on the varsity.

    And Hillary will bring out the GOP in droves. You’d get a less venomous response if a transvestite terrorist ran for president. That’s how much they hate her (I really don’t understand why)….

    Maybe I’m being silly, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Gore. You know why? Because Superman wears Al Gore pajamas.

  3. askewed says:

    I’m starting to feel like Gore may run… just as everyone else seems to be losing hope.

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