Today’s Tidbits…..August 20th, 2007

Where is everyone? Bueller? Bueller? Hello…..

A few little items for your enjoyment:

Turns out Rudy spent more time watching the Yankees than he did at Ground Zero. Article here.

In the no shame department, Petraeus is the latest to play politics with 9/11. Oh, and, by the way, Petraeus isn’t even writing the report.

Keith Olbermann’s ratings are up over 75% since last year, and they are giving his show a shot as the lead in to the ridiculously popular Sunday Night Football this weekend on NBC.

Anybody watch the debate? I’ve watched almost all of them, and they each leave me hoping more and more that Albert Arnold Gore will get into the race. I have issues with each of them, and just can’t get as excited yet because my hope still is that Gore gets in. Check out this great diary on Daily Kos. For the real gore afficionados out there, check out The Gore Hub.

The Bush administration doesn’t care about your children.

and finally, a good friend of mine has started a wonderful blog about his daughter and her life with Diabetes. Please check it out and pass it on to your friends…. Arden’s Day


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