Gore’s book tour….

stop #1:

kind of the slow season right now before the campaigns heat up, but I think Gore is ramping up…..
Larry King Live tonight (tuesday)
Daily show (thursday)
Letterman (thursday)……..

and this is hillarious:


2 Responses to Gore’s book tour….

  1. teresa says:

    He’s good. Look at how he keeps making his point about the “horse race” without getting annoyed. He’s my hero. We need a president like this, I hope he can realize that and decide to run.

  2. anoodle says:

    he’s so much better than before— he’s not coming off as pedantic, and he’s using laughter to make his point. The biggest zinger he hit her with was right after she asked him about his weight, and he laughed it off than basically said, “you just made my point, dummy.”

    I hope he loves his country more than he hates campaigning and he runs.

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