The Mayor Who Cried Wolf

I pointed out over on my little site how insulting Giuliani’s remarks of a few days ago were. Since then Keith Olbermann took a shot at him and we have the video from that for you.

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4 Responses to The Mayor Who Cried Wolf

  1. anoodle says:

    He really is a gigantic prick. I have a hard time believing that this strategy is going to work, and I think it shows just how pathetic the Republican field is right now.

    In the past, Republicans win elections under one of the following two scenarios: 1– The country either doesn’t trust or is tired of the Democrats (Carter’s loss to Reagan, Nixon’s win in ’68), or 2– The country is ambivalent, and a candidate comes along who can rally his base while at the same time, convince enough independents that he’s really a moderate (GWB in ’00)

    None of the candidates right now can do either of the two. The mood now is completely toxic to the GOP with independents 2-1 polling with the dems. Yes, state by state, in some polls, some candidates do okay against the dems, but those polls are meaningless this early out. The polls that matter are the broader polls like– right track, wrong direction; generic dem vs generic repub; presidential vs congressional approval; and most of all, approval on iraq.

    There is no republican candidate who can both galavanize their base, while at the same time, persuade moderates he’s one of them. They can’t move to the middle but wink at the religious right to say, “don’t worry, you know I’m with you.” They hate McCain, they can’t stand Rudy and his pro-choice, pro-gay rights, married three times self. they don’t trust another flip-flopper from Massachusetts in Romney.

    So what does Rudy do? He puts all his eggs in the 9/11 basket. Problem is, nobody is afraid to stand up to him now. If he wants that fight, he’s going to get it, but I think the country is ready to move forward together with a message of hope, not more scare tactics and fear.

  2. askewed says:

    This post reminded me of why I like anoodle so much. He and I both still have (for better or worse) our youthful sense of right and wrong. Threads like these always astound me. They never get much attention. Now I know what R.G. said is to be expected. I know he’s posturing, showing off to his base. I don’t even believe that he belives what he is saying. But just becasue we know it’s all part of the game doesn’t mean he should get a pass.

    I just get scared becasue we don’t seem to be passionate enough to make a real difference. Our level of activism is sad in comparison to the passion people felt in the 60’s and quite honestly they didn’t get very much accomplished then.

    It may be screaming into the wind but I think we can’t let moments like this pass without being outraged enough to tell at least one other person how we feel.

    R.G.’s comments are pathetic. Using fear to win an election may be an old tactic but that doesn’t mean we should stand for it. For every person that can see through his lie there are a hundred that can’t. If this is his idea of leading he isn’t fit to reside over a school board meeting and should not be a serious candidate for the Presidency off this or any other country.

    Tell a friend. Better yet, tell a stranger before you look up and it’s 2016 and nothing has changed for the better.

  3. anoodle says:

    I love this….

    Is his campaign stupid enough to believe that complaining about Olbermann is going to DECREASE his popularity? The last thing MSNBC would do is chastise or clamp down on Olbermann. He’s been the best thing for their ratings, and he’s been awesome overall in the all-important 25-44 age group:

    I think Rudy doesn’t get a pass on this. At some point, if you want to be president, you have to be presidential, and not just an ex-mayor.

  4. oh i can’t believe what i’m seeing with my eye. Liesbeth Kiki.

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