Not so fast…. Gore-mania is running Wild!

After Gore’s Oscar win, Gore-mania is running wild. For anyone who missed the Oscars, check this out.

I wouldn’t count Gore out just yet. You can probably pick your news source for an article on why Gore should run. A lot different than 6 years ago when the media excoriated him.

Here are few gems for the Gore-fans in the group:

Gore, take the dive; throw your hat in the ring
Al Gore, international rock star
Oscar win was one more first for Al Gore
Gore Wins Hollywood in a Landslide

I think he is going to get in, but get in late. My guess is Labor Day. After his new book, The Assault on Reason, and after the Live Earth, concerts, after he wins the Nobel Peace Prize, and after the democratic party has tired of the candidates, in he will swoop, and he will win the nomination…..

Oh, and don’t miss this outstanding piece: Gore Should Run for President Again


2 Responses to Not so fast…. Gore-mania is running Wild!

  1. johncos says:

    Do we at ProgressiveIntelligencia have a policy on nepotism?

    (Full Disclosure: poledemics is affiliated with the Tripod article)

  2. fnades says:

    Gore-Obama… sounds good to me!!! You can’t imagine how much I would love to have a president I could actually look up to, and a terrific vice-president too. And… imagine… Biden – Sec of State, Hagel – Sec of Defense. Wow!!!

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