Maybe this is the beginning…..

Alright, now I’m starting to think there’s a real chance of this happening. Before, I admit, I was skeptical. Hopeful, but skeptical. We’ve detailed why a lot of us thinks this is a good idea all over this blog. Now it looks like there may be something to it.

Take a look here.

Veterans of Al Gore’s past are quietly assembling a campaign to draft the former vice president into the 2008 presidential race — despite his repeated statements that he’s not running. His top policy adviser from his 2000 presidential campaign and other key supporters met Thursday in Boston to mull a potential Gore campaign.

and more:

Chris Mackin, a Boston consultant and Gore supporter, called it “an early stage conversation.” But he added: “We’re very serious about exploring this.”

Now, there are denials all throughout this article, but I have a hard time believing that some of these people, especially Hattaway and Kamarck, are turning down offers to work on other campaigns on a pipe dream……


One Response to Maybe this is the beginning…..

  1. askewed says:

    This is definitely a great sign! But I think the beginning had to be back in 2000. If Gore has an ounce of self-respect (and I’m sure he does) he’s been thinking about how to become President every day since he was forced to stand in front of a televison camera and pretend Bush won the election.

    When he announces my excitement will be gauged by how ready he appears. The more prepared he is, the more time I’ll think he’s been stewing over this. He had the election stolen, he had to make nice to keep from looking like a baby, he got fat and currently he’s being maligned for trying to save the planet. If this SOB doesn’t have eye of the tiger no one does.

    I’m hoping for the kid that’s been pushed down by a bully one too many times… and snaps!

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