Too Much Too Soon?


CNN Analyst Bill Schneider has an article up on about something we’ve been talking about a little bit here

The crux of Schenider’s argument (which he less than eloquently deems “Super Duper Tuesday” is that the primaries could be over within 3 weeks of their start:

Then February 5 could be Super Duper Tuesday. Right now, eight states are scheduled to hold primaries or caucuses that day (Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Utah and West Virginia).

Another twelve states are considering moving their contests to February 5, including big states like Florida, New Jersey, Michigan — and the biggest one of all, California (also North Carolina, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico and Wyoming).

This really doesn’t do anything to help either the Democrats or the GOP in picking the best candidate. It seems as though every state doesn’t want to be the last to be asked to the prom, so they are going to get a date (no matter how ugly or unappealing) so help them God. All this does is eliminate the chance unknown candidates have of raising money after a surprise showing in one of the early primaries. The days of smoke-filled rooms and kabal’s choosing our nominees are about to return.

Where does this logically stop? Will we start having primaries 2 years after elections…one year…the day after each national election? Every state wants to be the first and the most influential, but seriously what else does New Hampshire and Iowa have going for them? Give them at least this. Democracy is eroding.


One Response to Too Much Too Soon?

  1. anoodle says:

    The stupid part about it is if a state like California wants to have influence, it should move its primary to the day or week right after Super Tuesday. With all those states moving to the same day, some will be completely ignored. Moving up is one thing, but moving to a day all your own would be even smarter.

    It makes HRC even more likely to win……

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