Remember this guy?

scooter the muppet

The media has been back-paging a lot of this story, but I get the feeling it’s about to explode. Yesterday, Ari Fleischer revealed that he was involved (although he says accidentally) in outing Valerie Plame to multiple press people:

Fleischer also testified that while on a White House trip to Uganda on July 11, 2003, on the side of the road, he told NBC’s David Gregory and Time magazine’s John Dickerson, “If you want to know who sent ambassador Wilson to Niger, it was his wife, she works there” at the CIA.

He added “[Never] in my wildest dreams would I have thought that information was classified.”

Today, we’ll hear from the un-esteemed Judith Miller of Ahmed Chalabi fame.


On June 23, 2003 at a meeting with Libby in his office at the Old Executive Office Building, Libby, according to prosecutors, talked to Miller about press coverage dealing with pre-war intelligence about Iraq. Libby, according to the government, complained to Miller that he thought the CIA was leaking to the press unfairly, putting the White House on the defensive.

This story is about to explode. I only wish the muppet was on trial for outing Plame, not just for lying about it.



4 Responses to Remember this guy?

  1. johncos says:

    It’s amazing what we get out of people when we offer them complete immunity. A small part of me feels bad for ole Scooter because it looks like he is getting thrown under the bus by everyone else in the Administration…(looking at you DICK)

  2. anoodle says:

    I still think Bush might just pardon him. Why not? What’s going to happen, he’ll become more unpopular?

  3. askewed says:

    What a great topic! I’ve been waiting patiently for someone to bring this up…

    My first reaction is to piss and moan that this isn’t and hasn’t been a bigger story. I want to point out that the actions of the accused are so much more impacting to our country then say a certain former President’s dalliances. Yet you can’t drum up public outrage over this stuff to save a life. If you could it would be a bigger story. Moreover when this story does crest it won’t stay in the spotlight for long.

    I want to say that Republicans make mountains out of mole hills to shift perception and gather public support and then point out how pathetic that is. But I’m older now and I know that is a waste of time. So I won’t and you shouldn’t either. What we should be doing is asking why…

    Why isn’t this story bigger then photos of Brittany Spear’s cooter? Why can three coked up jackasses with a camera make Paris Hilton the biggest story for a week but the DNC can’t make people care about the atrocious behavior of the administration? The moral high ground has failed us, being right has failed us, pointing out that our land masses are sinking has failed us, the real memory of the prosperity we experienced with Clinton fails us. Bush can’t speak English for the love of Pete… and it doesn’t matter. But we just keep beating our heads against the wall.

    The why seems clear to me. They’re better at this then we are. They have the better marketing. To the casual observer they’re the God fearing, red-blooded, star-spangled party and the we’re the homosexual tree huggers that waste money and love terrorist. Now that’s marketing! They turned stupid into simple-spoken, war mongering into hawkish and hate into family values. Why can’t we find a way to make tolerance, intelligence and a measured response sound like the right choice? McDonalds added a salad, Mel went to rehab and Brittany showed her cooter… What do we have to do? This is just plain ridiculous! It’s time to take a page from their play book and this trial is the perfect place to start. The things that were done are indefensible. One of the candidates needs to step up and condemn this in plain yet powerful words. I’ve already had enough of this pre-election “look at me everyone I’m a famous politician” crap to last me the next 720 days. Someone please act like they want to be President, say something Presidential and mean it before I pull my hair out.

  4. anoodle says:


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