Cheney Hates Wolf Blitzer

It’s very sad that the best analysis of this administration often comes in the form of satire. Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert have been the only people I’ve heard who discredited the Bush Administration when they ask for “another plan” in Iraq by mentioning umm…the Iraq Study Group? Where news fails, fake news steps in.

This interview between Blitzer and Cheney was really something to behold. But the only thing being discussed on the MSM (and I’m gracefully including you Faux News) is one question Blitzer asked about Mary Cheney. Jon Stewart a) analyzes the interview for 10 minutes b) notes that when the GOP platform and the president have sponsored cruel and inhumane family policies, that question is fair and c) splices past and recent videos to show administration lies (why don’t others do this???)

The right will often flippantly brush aside both the youth vote and the gravitas of the Daily Show et al… but they may be the only ones shining a light on what is happening in the political world.


2 Responses to Cheney Hates Wolf Blitzer

  1. askewed says:

    Stewarts piece was fantastic. His commentary on the gay marriage issue toward the end is particularly poignant.

  2. anoodle says:

    Seriously. Wolf should have asked him how he felt after hearing that, and how he could accept campaign donations and endorsements from people who don’t think his daughter has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness….

    Do you guys think anything will come out of this Libby trial?

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