I will not run.

Thank gosh!

John Kerry

Today John Kerry (D-MA) announced that he will not seek the nomination from the Democratic party for President. Aides suggested his decision was based on last year’s botched joke and the formidable opponents, namely HRC, Obama, and Edwards, that he would have to overcome.

I almost feel sorry for the guy, but then I remember the SOTU and who delivered it last night and can’t help but say, “well John, you had your shot…and no jokes when stumping for our candidate in ’08.”

And then there were [insert number here]… it seems we’ve found ourselves in the midst of an Agatha Christie novel – I’m just waiting for a bridge to be washed out.


2 Responses to I will not run.

  1. anoodle says:

    Unreal. It makes his idiotic decision to hold onto 40+ million in 2004 look that more stupid….

    This is from msnbc.com:

    “Kerry had roughly $45 million left in his primary campaign fund as of mid-October and could use that as seed money for another presidential bid. In addition, he had about $7 million on hand in a legal and accounting compliance fund that he could use for legal expenses in a 2008 campaign.”

    Imagine 20 million more on ads in New Mexico and Ohio last time?

  2. comm5ttee says:

    I cannot believe that. The suggestion from aides that this decision was made as a result of formidable competition suggests to me that he has never been a guy to have the “winner” mentality. Your MSNBC quote supports that statement.

    This goes back to what I said a few weeks ago about the mythology of the presidency in that you better be sure you want to run, you better be sure you deserve to and you better be sure you do everything to win it.

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