Can I get a shout-out……

If I asked you yesterday what Dikembe Mutumbo, Julie Aigner-Clark, Tommy Raymond, and Wesley Autry have in common, what would you have said?

Interesting group to get the annual presidential shout-out at the State of the Union….

A few quick thoughts while the speech is concluding–
The first half, I thought, was terribly written. I’m in healthcare, I’ve read a bunch of previews of his speech, and I can honestly tell you I have no idea what he was talking about with this health insurance reform piece. My understanding is that it will offer tax cuts for certain people, and will increase taxes on others. Another part of the plan is supposedly taking money from public hospitals and giving it to the uninsured. Kind of silly– nothing like this has a prayer of getting out of Congress.

The other domestic agenda items were odd too. The congressional reform piece sounded nice– certainly no one is going to argue against earmark reform, or against balancing the budget, but it was awfully thin on details.

I thought the portion on foreign policy started strong, and was actually fairly well written, but once it got to the meat of the escalation policy Bush is pushing, it lost all steam. I thought the line, “please give this a chance to work” sounded incredibly weak.

The laundry list items at the end sounded like weak fluff too. Of course everyone wants to eliminate AIDS in Africa, or end the genocide in Darfur, but it’s tough to forget that he has actually been president for the last 6 years. Where’s he been on some of these issues?

All in all– weak, not exactly full of passion (although, like I said, the piece on the global threats of terrorism started strong but ended weakly when it got to Iraq), and a meaningless laundry list that will be ignored.

Remember the days when presidents used to go out to the country to push their agenda outline in the SOTU? Does anyone think Bush has a chance to do that now

Best part of the speech was his touching tribute to Pelosi at the outset. Sounded genuine….

Now onto Webb.


2 Responses to Can I get a shout-out……

  1. comm5ttee says:

    I had to shake my head at alot of things in this speech, but nothing compared to the healthcare section. It seems to me that it was placed in there to confuse people into believing that this guy cared about domestic issues and had a plan.

    I’ll tell you, I have read a ton on this plan today, referenced my tax law book with my tax code supplement and scratched out some math and I still don’t understand it.

    A standard deduction for what you pay into healthcare from payroll taxes…

    I’m really, really unsure of how this helps pay for those who are uninsured. The problem is that many who I spoke to liked the family of four at $60,000 would get a $4500 tax deduction. There are questions that abound. Does this supplant other standard tax deductions? Is there a comparable business credit? I’m unsure how this helps people “achieve” comprehensive healthcare. It seems to give people another tax break who do not need it.

    Raise taxes by 2% and give universal healthcare a shot. Or, we could cut spending in Iraq by 8% and pay for all healthcare costs. Just some thoughts…

  2. johncos says:

    Do i need to mention that a tax break does not help those who are so poor that they do not pay any substantive tax. Without paying taxes they won’t get a rebate and thus will continue to be unable to afford health insurance. This is classic conservative logic that the best thing to do with a surplus is lower taxes and the best thing to do with a deficit is lower taxes. There is zero way this helps the uninsured and a 100% way this helps people making more than $90,000.
    This section of the speech was poorly worded, poorly phrased and makes little sense when held up to scrutiny. Hard to be surprised

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