That’s Three and Counting


Everyone’s favorite one-term conservative governor from a blue state (he is everyone’s favorite right?) has had the darndest time appealing to the Republican base. It seems when he was running for Senate and later for Governor in Massachusetts those voters wanted to hear different things thanthese voters do. What’s an egomaniacal power-hungry politician to do?

I’ll break down the unfortunate position Mitt is in. In 1994, he wanted to be the senator of Massachusetts so running against Ted Kennedy he said that he was supportive of abortion rights because a relative had died from an illegal abortion. Now he is Anti-abortion due to an “evolved” thinking. Well, okay, i like it that a man’s mind is open to change. I believe in an open dialogue and people modifying their views when presented with new information. I’m glad Romney is stable in other aspects of his views…

In 1994 Mitt seemed very supportive of equality for gay and lesbian couples. But as Governor of Massachusetts he has vehemently opposed “activist judges” who enforced this equality and has recently begun opposing efforts to legalize marriage and give equality to homosexuals. His spokeman has said that he is “clarifying his position.” Ok…politicians deal with nuanced issues and sometimes do not adequately vocalize their positions but that must be it right?

And now we have this: Romney has appeared to change his beliefs on gun control. In 1994 against Ted Kennedy, Romney was supportive of the Brady Bill and touted gun control. Now he is a proud member of the NRA though he won’t say how long he has been a member. Is anyone seeing a disturbing trend.

Romney is moving to the right so hard you can feel the breeze in Massachusetts. This is political opportunism at it’s best. But what may be more important is the fact that during the swiftboating of Kerry, the number one complaint against him was that he was (and note it’s a word I’ve avoid this whole post) Flip Flops! Will the conservative critics who railed against Kerry in 2004 have the moral chutzpah to criticize Romney during the primaries? I’m sorry to say I’ve lost my faith.


One Response to That’s Three and Counting

  1. anoodle says:

    As Al Franken said throughout 2004, “Flippy-floppy.” I think Romney would have been a tougher candidate if he just maintained consistent positions, rather than try to tack so hard to the right. Tacking to the right (or left for that matter) only works if your prior statements/votes/opinions are ambiguous enough or wishy-washy enough that you can move and truly claim an evolution in thought. Bill and Hillary have built their careers on this. If you come out strongly one way or the other, the kiss of death politically is to change your mind…..

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