Reuters=Fox News?


Check out this headline:

No Al Gore in U.S Presidential race

Now watch the video:
You tell me. Did you hear Gore categorically deny that he’s running? I don’t think so. This is nothing different from what’s he been saying for almost a year now.

I’ll bet Reuters cleans it up, but talk about irresponsible journalism. That headline will be everywhere tomorrow, and will put Gore on the spot, forcing him to either categorically deny he’s running or sound wishy-washy.

Let’s wait and see what happens…..

Thanks to Huff Po

“Absolutely nothing new,” Gore spokesman Michael Feldman said of the report. “He’s been saying the same thing for six years – that he’s not running but has not completely ruled it out – and depending on where he is, it’s reported differently.”

Whew. I thought the drunken deliberations some of us went through a few months ago were for naught……

Anyone who thinks Gore doesn’t have a shot should check out this poll…..

UPDATE: 1/17/07

Ok, Reuters just changed their whole story. Check this out.

The one-time presidential candidate did not answer questions from the media on Monday. None of the business executives at the event asked him about rumors that he might build on the higher profile created by his environmental campaign to stand for the presidency again.


One Response to Reuters=Fox News?

  1. askewed says:

    Reuters is on a roll today. Their story, “Oklahoma car crash kills 7 Mexicans” found at doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the country of origin of the dead but there it is in the headline. Must be remind people Mexicans live in the country day as well as put Al GOre on the spot day over there…

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