Here’s Obama….


Entrance video is here

Thoughts? Not surprised, but I wonder if HRC gets in sooner now….


6 Responses to Here’s Obama….

  1. askewed says:

    Sold. The younger the better. More energy, enthusiasm and less entanglements.. I like the pressure of being the first black President… should keep him on his toes for reasons of history if nothing else.

  2. anoodle says:

    I agree. The constant positioning of HRC is driving me nuts. She was supposed to have a press conference today to discuss her trip to Iraq. As soon as Obama’s announcment hit the airwaves, she canceled it. If she had any guts, she would have moved it up to knock him off the newscasts, but instead, she took the cautious route and rescheduled it.

    I want our candidate to be decisive and authentic. I wish Hillary would let her true self come out– I don’t want a campaign filled with one pundit after another commenting how she’s calculating/positioning/politicizing/listening to advisors, etc…..

  3. johncos says:

    I gotta be honest, I’m a little surprised. While I am very excited about his candidacy and the breath of fresh positivity that he brings to a Democratic campaign, I’m a little worried that he is a little to “wet behind the ears” to run for President. He has NEVER had a serious contentious or dirty campaign and in two years has done little in terms of building a senatorial legacy. He is the media darling…and to be honest I love him as my candidate, but just like Hillary he has a lot of attackable points. We hated Bush for his lack of experience in 2000…is it hypocritical to support Obama? I don’t know.

  4. anoodle says:

    One of the pundits (I think it was Chris Matthews) had a good counter-point to the experience issue– he said, and I’m paraphrasing, “who thinks it will make Obama a better candidate to have another 1500 roll call votes, to gain 20 pounds, to have a fat neck, to get stuck in nonsense discussions in the Senate. Does anyone think he’ll get more popular by doing that?”

    I worry about his lack of experience, but to some extent, his remarkable intellect may make up for it. If you look at the dem field, you can split it down the middle in terms of experience– guys like Biden and Dodd have tons of experience (and as a result, they have tons of fodder for attach ads), guys like Vilsack have executive experience but no foreign policy experience, and then there are guys like Edwards who have some foreign policy experience but will try to sell themselves based on judgement/character. Where does Hillary fit on that line? She’ll be a 1 1/3 term senator by 2008. Do you count her years in the white house as experience?

    There was an interesting poll that showed that only 3% of the country needed more information to make up their mind about HRC. 3%!! 47 % want to hear more about Obama.

    The Republicans are going to have the same dilemma, by the way. Does Rudy’s time as mayor give him enough experience to be president? McCain is the most experienced, but also has the most attack ad fodder. Newt? Please. Romney has 10 years worth of flip-flopping to contend with. A guy like Huckabee– again, a fresh face who has executive experience might be tough to beat.

    It’s such an interesting debate because it gets to the heart of the whole campaign, and it’s different in terms of a primary vs a general, and it depends a ton on who else is in.

    You can create all kinds of virtual match-ups and analyze it to death……

    All that being said, I still think Gore presents the best overall possibility for winning, and winning with a real progressive agenda.

    My one worry about Obama is that he will try to be all things to all people– that he’ll try to be the reasonable, practical candidate who, when push comes to shove, may not be willing to take a stand and fight when necessary.

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