The only poll that counts is election day…


With that said, what are we are here for? comm5ttee posted an interesting poll from Iowa and here is more recent polling from the general electorate dated Jan 2-4, 2007. The entire poll can be found here.

McCain 48% Clinton 41%
McCain 48% Obama 36%
MCCain 44% Edwards 43%

Giuliani 48% Clinton 43%
Giuliani 49% Obama 36%
Giuliani 47% Edwards 42%

Romney 35% Clinton 48%
Romney 31% Obama 43%
Romney 29% Edwards 53%

The most interesting parts of this poll are as follows: McCain is doing surprisingly well against both Hillary and Obama (thumping Obama). This is despite the fact that McCain’s War is unraveling so quickly. Rudy is doing even better against his Democratic opponents. The only Democratic candidate that beats or is in statistical ties with GOP candidates is John Edwards. This holds well for him, but i am concerned about these numbers. The question seems unbiased but the results seem a little one-sided to me so I’m withholding judgement on their validity.

UPDATE: Yahoo News has the newest AP poll on both Congress and Bush and we’ve got a tie! 32% of the American people think that each is doing a super job. This is actually an increase for Congress and an all-time low for the president in the AP poll. The president’s Iraq announcement has completely taken all media coverage away from the 100 hour agenda and since Congress feels it is going to have to fund the escalation, the American people will continue to be unhappy with Congress as well as the president. Thanks to HuffPo for the link.


One Response to The only poll that counts is election day…

  1. anoodle says:

    To me, the most interesting thing about this poll is that Romney breaks 30% against anybody. These early polls are almost always mainly about name recognition. My guess is that Romney has to be the biggest unknown among the names listed, yet he still hits 30% against the three top dem candidates. I guess that could also mean that there is 30% of the electorate who would vote for any republican against any democrat…..

    Rudy’s numbers are going to fall off a cliff once the primary season really heats up. No way he can maintain those numbers with his pro-life, divorced 3 times, pro-gay rights positions.

    I think once people realize that McCain is to the right of Bush on the war, his numbers will drop too.

    Look for Mrs. Finger in the Wind to come back from her Iraq fact finding mission and declare that the war is a disaster and it’s time to get out. She better be back in time for the vote on the non-binding resolution; if she skirts that vote, I think the Left might just unload on her like they did on Mr. Joementum.

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