Biden Announces


According to MSNBC NEWS Senator Joe Biden (D-Delaware) has announced that he is running for President. He said,

“I am running for president,” he told “Meet the Press” anchor Tim Russert. “I’m going to be Joe Biden, and I’m going to try to be the best Biden I can be. If I can, I got a shot. If I can’t, I lose.”

I don’t know what that means. When I wake up in the morning I rarely say that “I’m going to be the best Biden I can be” before I start my day. It is such a nothing statement and bizarre way to start an election. He doesn’t begin by explaining his vision for the country or even criticizing the Administration for its failures. No. He’s just gonna try to be Biden.

He has about $3.5 million in his campaign account. The exploratory committee will help him raise money and gauge support. He’s already campaigned in early voting states such as New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina and Nevada.

If he is looking at the polls we are (or even his own) he can’t think he’s polling higher than single digits in any of the key states. He is going to have to work very hard to build name recognition. One thing he has going for him that the other candidates do not is he has a long tenure in the Senate which means he can point to many more legislative successes than Obama or HRC, and he can use his committee chairmanship as a platform to get on as many news shows as possible.

What do you think about his chances?


10 Responses to Biden Announces

  1. anoodle says:

    I happen to like Biden, but unless he can take his vision for Iraq (he wants to divide it into three autonomous region with a decentralized federal government a la Yugoslavia) and turn it into the democratic alternative, I’m not sure there’s enough O2 in the room for him. His strength (his experience) is also his weakness. We saw what happened to kerry last time– his legislative experience was fodder for way too may campaign commericals. Biden will have the same problem.

    Putting the punditry aside for a second, I actually really like Biden. I feel like he sounds like a regular person, he stands up for what he believes, and I share his views on most foreign policy issues. I’m not sure exactly where he is on a lot of domestic position, although my guess is he probably falls in line with the other candidates on the big issues…..

    I think biden needs to very quickly present a vision for the country otherwise he’s going to get rolled into the HRC wave that’s coming.

    He might be doing this to raise his profile and snag the Secy of State job (Holbrooke is probably the other good bet)…..

  2. comm5ttee says:

    I agree with the last paragraph of anoodle’s comment…of course with a good amount else in the post but ultimately that is why I think he (Biden) enters the race. He does have great foreign policy sense.

    The one thing that I loathe about Biden is that he has said almost everything on every issue. It seems every time he is on MTP with Russert, he will preface his comment with: “Well Tim, as I said three years ago to such and such group that really you cannot do such and such in such and such.” Then Russert will ask a follow up about a subsequent comment and Biden will say: “Well Tim, as I said 6 weeks ago on your program, we have to change our position on such and such.” It seems that Biden is the result of what I will call the Russert-effect. The MTP researchers are amazing at finding all the quotables to contradict something that whoever is on will say. Of course, Russert, as great as he is, jumps right on that. This minor issue is my only problem with Biden. Although I was hoping Biden would have done more today on the issues.

    All in all, I think that Biden’s candidacy is strange considering his new power to hold hearings. Obviously his comments today regarding the extent of Executive Power and Consitutionality issues reflect the inherent tension going on in his head right now. Additionally, I have to agree with the original post about the weirdness of his very lackluster announcement – best Biden I can be? I guess the problem he faced was that he got the question and couldn’t avoid it to save excitement for a formal announcement. However, for someone who is always prepared with pointing to what, where, and when he said something, he must have known it was coming per usual for Russert.

    This seems to harken back to a post I wrote a few days ago about the office of the Presidency (see how annoying that sounds?) and how the electorate and the candidates don’t revere the office. If I were running, you better believe that I’d be ridiculously excited. It might be the first thing I mentioned! Look at how Edwards did it.

    Although, upon reflection, maybe this goes back to what has been mentioned previously on this blog that the candidates are respecting the time to govern and really it has become Biden’s time.

    Speaking of MTP, what’s Lindsey Graham’s story? I would imagine that the only thing holding him up is his affinity and alliance with McCain. Am I right?

  3. anoodle says:

    Graham is McCain’s lackey, plain and simple. He endorsed him and co-chaired his campaign in south carolina in 2000, and he’ll be with McCain every step of the way…..

    Biden could build a real campaign as an alternative to HRC, but only if he uses his hearings as a way to flesh out details of Iraq never revealed before and to build consensus around a new vision for Iraq. If he’s courageous like Murtha was in early 2005-06, he might gain momentum. If he spends the hearings bloviating, he’ll be finished before he even gets started, unfortunately.

  4. fnades says:

    Biden’s shortcoming, aside from his propensity to blovinate, will be his vote for the “terrible” bankruptcy act that Bush put through in March of 2005. See Jackson Williams comment on

  5. fnades says:

    He would, however, be a great candidate for either Sec. of State, or Sec of Defense. There his experience would be invaluable.

  6. anoodle says:

    That vote may hurt him in the primary, but if he somehow made it to the general, it might help him…… I agree that he would be a great cabinet sec’y.

  7. johncos says:

    I can’t see a 33 year Senate Veteran giving up a seat that he essentially will for the rest of his life for a Cabinet position. I think that Biden is certainly a long shot, but more than any other candidate he can use his power as Armed Forces Chair to lead a hearing(s) on Iraq and the Bush administration that could captivate the nation. If he can learn to become a prosecutor instead of a politician in the next weeks and months, he could become the sort of “maverick” that McCain was in 2000.

  8. anoodle says:

    Agreed– but assume for a minute that he doesn’t get the nomination. He’s been in the senate for so long, and he loves the spotlight, he might leap at the chance to become sec’y of state for 4-8 years and really etch a place for himself in history. Rumor has it that he was vying hard for the sec’y of state job last time assuming Kerry had won…..,,3-1334724,00.html

  9. johncos says:

    Wow. Now this is the type of in-depth and researched analysis i expect from this blog.

  10. anoodle says:

    that’s just the tip of the iceberg my friend….

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