Edwards is officially in…

As we’ve been saying since the formation of this blog, John Edwards is not just a candidate for president but also a very strong contender at that. I think this clip is going to foreshadow a lot of what we’re going to be hearing from Edwards in the next 18 months. He is very involved in bridging the gap between the “Two Americas” of the priviliged and the not. I think he has a lot of credibility on this issue and it should resonate with the American public.

In the 2000 election Al Gore refused to use an issue he was passionate about (the environment) to his advantage, instead trying to appeal to everyone by standing for nothing. Now that Gore has resumed talking about global warming he is a rock star. In the 2004 election John Kerry didnt seem to have an issue he cared for and could remain articulate about. I think if Edwards is unafraid of being defined as “liberal” for caring about the 2 Americas, then he has a strong chance of both winning the nomination and the presidency.


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