A New Poll and a New Candidate


Yahoo News is reporting that a new Poll in New Hampshire has Obama and Hillary in a dead heat in that state’s primary, with John Edwards about 5 points behind the two. On the Republican side it’s a tie between Rudy and McCain.

Perhaps more interesting is the fact that Chris Dodd is considering a run for the presidency. He has more foreign policy experience than any other candidate running save Joe Biden and he’s very good on Iraq (in terms of the Democratic base) because he’s for troop withdrawal and dialogue with neighboring states. I simply can’t see him raising the capital necessary for a run. What he could do is put all his eggs in one basket (Nevada or NH) and try to have a great result and then gain money with the momentum that a good finish would provide. He can run as the Anti-Lieberman from Connecticut. That’s the only way he could make a serious dent.


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