The Madness of King Bush

apologies for the poor quality

Good to see that some of the chickenhawks are finally seeing what the rest of us have been saying for the last 4 years. Scarborough is really washing his hands of this president and it’s about time. One question that no one else seems to be asking that Joe asked but didn’t elaborate on is whether this despotism is leaning towards an impeachable offense.
Where is the outrage from Congressional Democrats over this? Tell me.

Now that Abizaid and Casey have retired who besides Cheney and Gates will consult him. Bush is now King Lear and we are the suffering kingdom.


4 Responses to The Madness of King Bush

  1. askewed says:

    The most stunning thing about that video to me is that the person that posted it knows how to capture video, get it into their computer and post it on youtube but doesn’t know a better way then to point a video camera at the TV to start the process.

  2. johncos says:

    i agree…and i’ll look for stronger video, but it’s all i could find at this point

  3. askewed says:

    Brother I’m not coming down on you. I was just enjoying the irony…

  4. anoodle says:

    I love when clowns like Scarborough try to pretend they’re independent. It’s purely about ratings. With guys like Olbermann’s rating booming, everyone is going to jump on the badwagon. I wouldn’t be surprised if the phony of all phonies O’Reilly starts spouting off soon.

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