Big Bird and Car Talk are in trouble

In another of what is an impressive list of recess appointments (John Bolton anyone?) President Bush has named Warren Bell to the board of directors to the Corporation of Public Broadcasters.
Warren Bell is this stud:warren_bell.jpg

Why should we care that Bush is continuing to use cronyism to appoint people. Media Matters has more.

Bell on Democrats: “I could reach across the aisle and hug Nancy Pelosi, and I would, except this is a new shirt, and that sort of thing leaves a stain.” [5/11/05]

Bell on using TiVo to keep his children from viewing birth control ads on TV: “A little vigilance is all it takes — well, that and a couple hundred bucks for a TiVo. Sorry, poor people, your kids are going to be asking you awkward questions about condoms.” [6/2/05]

Bell on reproductive choice: “I am thoroughly conservative in ways that strike horror into the hearts of my Hollywood colleagues. I support a woman’s right to choose what movie we should see, but not that other one.” [5/11/05]

Bell on Touchstone Television’s alleged request that he hire more minorities for the TV sitcom he produces, ABC’s According to Jim: “Of course, the conservative in me wants to say we should just find the best damn performers available, and judge them on the content of their character-acting, not their color. Ultimately, I will face a situation at some point this year where I say, ‘Well, X was the funniest white actor, but we should probably go with Y’.” [8/10/05] (Touchstone Television officials issued a statement that Bell’s claim ”reflects no one’s opinion connected with According to Jim other than his own.”)

My favorite is that he’s not familiar with NPR. Bush seems hellbent on destroying public broadcasting. What’s next? Will he destroy every news outlet other than Fox? or censor the internet so only the National Review Online can be read? this is scary stuff. And recess appointments like this usurp the will of the people.


2 Responses to Big Bird and Car Talk are in trouble

  1. anoodle says:

    I wouldn’t worry that much about this. The last time Bush tried to appoint someone to head public broadcasting who was conservative, he got laughed out of the place….

  2. George Svoronos says:

    Congrats Warren. Always knew that you would be so successful. From your Physics teacher.

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