Note the time and the date

it’s now starting to get ugly, really ugly


CNN reports that the esteemed Senator Brownback is going to hold up a judicial nominee because she attended a gay wedding. She didn’t preside over…SHE ATTENDED IT.

Now when the Democrats were blocking nominations because of loony justices, Republicans cried about how there was a backlog of cases and we need more judges…but that doesn’t hold mustard if judges have gay friends! My guess is he fears that the judge’s friends would advise her on how to make the robes fabulous.

This is the epitome of a witchhunt. Brownback should be ashamed of using this for political gain, and if he believes he can find some impropriety or bias by someone attending a wedding he should resign from the Senate for mental incompetency. Of course it will work in shoring up the conservative base, but this is beyond nauseating.


5 Responses to Note the time and the date

  1. anoodle says:

    He just decided to release his hold on the nomination. The whole thing is absurd. It just goes to show you how hard to the right Brownback is willing to go to fill the vacuum that Frist’s departure has left.

    From today’s Times:

  2. anoodle says:

    Ah, I just read the CNN piece– this clown is willing to release his hold, but he wants her on the record one more time so he can show the world what a macho heterosexual he is and “question” her about the role she played in the ceremony. What an intolerant putz.

  3. johncos says:

    yeah, i have a feeling this is only going to get worse…part of me wants him to be another Ted Haggard.

    btw, as another admin, feel free to add *updates* to my posts on the home page if you desire

  4. anoodle says:

    same goes for you…

  5. blaadje says:

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