The Media is the voice of…themselves?

You wonder about the liberal media

Newsweek published an interesting article about the 2008 election, wondering aloud whether the United States was ready for black president or a female president. The article is here

It raises some interesting arguments and I always thought Jonathan Alter was a fairly good reporter, but Steve says that there is a lot more that we aren’t being told.

Despite John McCain’s almost unwavering support of the Iraq War he remains the media darling and with his sainthood and maverick status unchallenged, the media never gives an ill word about him. Newsweek conducted a poll about the possible 2008 contenders and DIDN’T PUBLISH THE RESULTS because poor John McCain and Rudy and all the other beloved candidates ARE BEHIND.

* Asked to choose between Hillary Clinton and John McCain, Clinton enjoyed a seven-point lead in the Newsweek poll, 50% to 43%. (Among self-identified independents, with whom McCain is supposed to excel, the two were tied at 45% each.)

* Asked to choose between Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani, Clinton led 48% to 47%.

* Asked to choose between Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney, Clinton is ahead 58% to 32%.

* Asked to choose between Barack Obama and John McCain, McCain’s lead was only two points, 45% to 43%, despite the fact that a far larger percentage of respondents said they weren’t very familiar with Obama.

* Obama trailed Giuliani by a similar margin (47% to 44%), and led Romney, 55% to 25%.

Now I’m not the biggest Hillary fan in the world, but this is the kind of reporting that would UNDENIABLY be reported if the results were different. Newsweek loves pumping up McCain and others, but if facts don’t match their praise…they just won’t publish it.


2 Responses to The Media is the voice of…themselves?

  1. anoodle says:

    They might not be publishing it now, but numbers like this won’t stay quiet forever. The worst thing that could happen to McCain would be for Bush to come out in full support for McCain’s idea of sending more troops. McCain’s opinion is wholly a political one; like every other ideologue, taking this position will allow him to say, “If they had just done it my way, we would have been fine. If only…..” Once Bush signs on, it pulls the carpet out from under McCain, and he’s stuck looking like a dunce when Iraq spirals further down the toilet despite sending more troops.

  2. Home says:

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