Al Gore: The Comeback Kid

From New York Magazine:

What Gore has said about 2008, repeatedly, is that he does not intend to run, that he does not expect to run, that he has no plans to run. All of which, as every politically sentient being knows, is thoroughly meaningless. What Gore has not said—the magic words—is that he will not run.

and further into the article, this:

“It’s really more a function of my own internal shifting of gears, not an outward coyness. It’s just honest. I was in elected politics for 24 years. I ran four national campaigns. I was first elected to Congress in my twenties. I was around it for all my life before that. And when I say I’m not at a point where I’m willing to say, ‘Never, never, never again under any circumstances,’ I’m just not at the point where I want to say that.”

Translation: He will wait as long as possible, he will continue to work hard pushing the message of An Inconvenient Truth, and at the last minute, when the media is at their Anti-Hillary apex, he will get into the race.

The absolute genius move would be for him to pull Obama aside and offer him the Veep position before the first primary. He could announce his candidacy with Obama by his side. The momentum from a ticket like that would be unstoppable.

The entire article is here.


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